About us

Nature has its own laws for every inch of land and what it creates has a purpose. That's why the intertwining of various trees in the forest is not accidental." – Grandmam

Have you ever heard the trees sing their story?

As a child, this is how my grandfather taught me to view the magic of nature, through his own eyes. At home I always used to watch with interest whenever he carved something out of wood, creating something special. It didn’t take long before I tried it myself.


A few years ago, the notion of wooden jewelry stuck with me - a fallen tree trunk from the forest became a pendant after a few hours of processing. The pendant carved by my own hands found a place around my neck. Later, as this pendant was admired by others, the idea of making handcrafted pendants available to all of you was born.


To make as many people happy as possible, these unique pieces of nature must find their way into your lives. By taking pictures, word of mouth, and encouragement from family, friends, and all of you, you helped me realize my idea. Now it’s possible to always have a piece of nature close to your heart.